In this blog post we will show you a stitch guide for our Garden of Joy needlepoint canvas, designed by Kelly Knaga. This beautiful piece was stitched by one of our dearest customers.

The way this canvas is stitched is complex and dynamic, with many decorative, custom and compensation stitches. The stitcher explored the concepts of needlepoint, creating something unique! 


Garden of Joy Needlepoint Kit


1- Tent Stitch - Background

Tent Stitch Diagram


2- Upright Cross Stitch - Yellow part

 upright cross stitch diagram


3- Long Stitch - Blue part

Long stitch diagram


4- Mosaic Stitch (variation) - Red part

mosaic stitch variation diagram


5- Cashmere Stitch (variation) - Yellow part

cashmere stitch variation diagram


6- Byzantine Stitch - Red part

Byzantine stitch diagram


7- French Knot Stitch - Light blue part

french knot stitch diagram


8- T Stitch - Green part

t stitch diagram


9- Slanted Gobelin Stitch - Red part

Slanted Gobelin Stitch diagram


10- Chain Stitch

chain stitch diagram


We hope this guide helps and inspires you on your needlepoint projects! Send us photos of your projects (finished or in progress) so we can see your beautiful renditions :)

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