The 5 Love Languages with Needlepoint

The 5 love languages refer to the different ways that people give and receive love.

The concept was first introduced by Dr. Gary Chapman in his book in 1992 and it has become an increasingly popular topic online in the recent years, inspiring various quizzes and lots of fun content. 


Needlepoint and the 5 love languages

Needlepoint is not just a fun and relaxing activity, it can also be a way to demonstrate love - and since we're all about love, in this post we are going to show you how you can use the art of needlepointing for demonstrating each of the love languages.

Needlepoint & Words of Affirmation

Needlepoint can be used to create a personalized message or quote that expresses your love and appreciation for someone. For example, you could stitch a pillow with a sweet message for that person in your life that wants to be loved in words.

Needlepoint Kits with sentences Love language words of affirmation

Needlepoint & Quality Time

Needlepoint is a relaxing and meditative activity you can do with your loved ones.

Set aside some time to work on a needlepoint project together, whether it's a collaborative project or each of you working on your own and spend some quality time making a beautiful piece!

Needlepoint quality together

Needlepoint & Acts of Service

If you have someone in your life that enjoys acts of service and loves to needlepoint (or wants to start their journey with it) a good idea to show them your love would be to help them set time aside to dedicate to a project.

For example, if this person has to do some house chore, offer to do it for them and tell them to go work on their project instead. Taking time to unwind is very important and showing you care about your loved ones' well-being is a superior form of love - everyone should take their pleasure seriously!

take your pleasure seriously needlepoint kit

 "Take Your Pleasure Seriously": Mental Health Awareness Craft


Needlepoint & Giving/Receiving Gifts

This one needs no explanation...

We all know that needlepoint is an amazing gift idea - people whose love language is receiving gifts really appreciate unique and meaningful presents, even more so if they last a lifetime!

Either a stitched project or a needlepoint kit would make beautiful gifts and with so many design options you can certainly find the perfect one for your loved ones!

needlepoint gift giving and gift receiving

Needlepoint & Physical Touch

Needlepoint can also provide an opportunity for physical touch through teaching your loved ones how to stitch and spending some lovely time working together on a project.

Additionally, you can stitch items like pillows that your loved one can snuggle up with while thinking of you!


needlepoint pillows physical touch love language