Needlepoint Zweigart Penelope 'Antique Brown' Canvas

Designer: Zweigart

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  • Zweigart duo/double-threaded canvas
  • 'Antique' brown color
  • 10-count /10hpi
  • 100% cotton

You can buy a piece of this beautiful and high-quality Zweigart canvas, in our X-SMALL, SMALL, MEDIUM or LARGE sizes.

We also include 1 tapestry needle, size 18.

This is a perfect needlepoint/tapestry canvas, if you want to stitch a charted/counted design, or if you don't want to fill the background of your design and you want to show off the beautiful 'antique' brown color of the canvas.

The last product picture shows an example of a stitched counted canvas where we have decided not to stitch the entire background.

Also, feel free to send us a message if you would like a piece of canvas cut to a different size!

Please note that this item is not shipped with our tubes, and will be folded to fit an envelope, for ease of shipping.


~~~~~~ Notes on mesh count size of the canvas:

  • "Mesh" or count size, refers to how many holes per inch there are on the canvas.
  • Examples: a "mesh" of 10 means that there are 10 holes per inch of canvas; a "mesh" of 18 means that there are 18 holes per inch of canvas.
  • The lower the "mesh" size, the larger the squares and holes between the canvas strands. The higher the "mesh" size, the smaller the squares and holes between the canvas strands.
  • When the holes are smaller, the design will have more detail, but it will take also much more time to embroider.


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