The Binding stitch is used to create a neat edge on a needlepoint project, and it is mostly used in the finishing process of a piece. Watch our tutorial below to start using this useful needlepoint stitch!


Needlepoint Binding Stitch Video Tutorial


Needlepoint Binding Stitch Instructions

  • Start by anchoring the thread to the back of the canvas, in a stitched area. After bringing the needle to the front of the canvas and do a downwards diagonal stitch.
  • Go into hole next to where you started, to the left, and repeat the same step.
  • After you completed the first two parallel stitches, go back two holes, and do a stitch in the opposite direction.
  • Continue making these altering stitches until you reach the end of your edge.
  • To do the corners, place some stitches in between the two sides of the canvas, until no more blank canvas is showing. You can cut any excess bits, using small embroidery scissors.
  • In the end, the binding stitch should look like the picture of this post!



If you have doubts about what stitches to choose for your project - check our Tips to select Needlepoint Stitches or Our favourite Needlepoint Decorative Stitches. You can also draw inspiration from our Stitch Guides!

Happy stitching :)

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