How to Needlepoint - Video Tutorials

Are you new to Needlepoint and want to learn it to have some fun while unwinding? We are here to help you :)

Learning a new hobby or a new craft might be daunting, if we don't have the right learning materials. The practice might be easy (and it is, trust us!), but we all need to go and watch some YouTube videos to feel more confident with what we are trying to do!

With Needlepoint we suspect everyone feels the same way! Because of that, we created a series of 3 short videos where we try to explain how to start with Needlepoint. Follow along!


Needlepoint Kit Content: Unboxing

In this first video we briefly explain what is included in every needlepoint kit that you buy from us.

Please note that the small canvases don't include the portable package.



Needlepoint Stitching: Basics

Before starting with the stitching itself, there are some basic steps that you need to learn first. Check this second video, where we explain how to:

  • Cut the thread
  • Thread the needle
  • Start the stitching
  • Anchor the thread



Needlepoint Stitches: Continental Tent stitch and Long stitch 

In this last video, we will show you how to use the most common stitches in needlepoint:

  • Continental Tent Stitch
  • Long Stitch