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Woman wearing a tote bag with needlepoint insert

How to attach a needlepoint to a tote bag

Discover how easy it is to attach a needlepoint piece into a tote bag or a textile with similar texture/rigidity!
framed needlepoint with heart design next to a painting

Unique Needlepoint Framing Ideas

Explore some unique framing ideas to inspire you on your next needlepoint project!
Framed needlepoint rainbow illustration next to vase and books

How to frame needlepoint: Video & How To

Give a new life to your walls and decorate them with your favorite needlepoint designs with the help of this needlepoint framing tutorials!
summer needlepoint kits collection is live at Unwind Studio! The best DIY projects for your summer break!

All the details about our Summer launch!

Our new needlepoint kits created for everyone in mind: from beginners to experienced needlepointers, with many different styles to choose from!
Needlepoint blocking tutorial by Unwind Studio

How to block needlepoint canvas: Video & How To

Want to learn how to block your needlepoint projects? Follow these simple steps and you can practice your needlepoint blocking techniques in the comfort of your own home!
Free Agrumes Needlepoint Canvas Promotion

Free Agrumes Canvas!

Receive free "Agrumes" canvas, only until September 11th!  This beautiful summery citrus design "Agrumes", created by Ana Popescu, is sure to brighten your day!With every purchase over 50€ ($61) on... Read More
Unwind Talks No.1: Can Mindfulness affect Creativity?

Unwind Talks No.1: Can Mindfulness affect Creativity?

In this blogpost we explore how mindfulness and creativity can work together, and talk with the artist Olivia Sawai about her experience with mindful art making. 
why you should try needlepoint

Why you should try needlepoint

Are you looking for a new hobby? A new way to explore your creativity and relax at the same time? Are you someone who likes art and manual crafts, and...
Homage to Matisse collection needlepoint tapestry inspired by Odalisque in Red. Contemporary designs by unwind studio: art & craft to help you unwind.

Homage to Matisse by Sara Trucksess

"Matisse was a master of color and shape, and as a color and pattern lover this is one of the reasons I adore his work most" Get to know the...
6 reasons why crafts are good for your mental health and well-being

Why Crafts are good for Mental Health and Well-Being

Sharing with you 6 reasons why crafts are good for your well-being and mental health.